Why you need a corporate art consultant in this economy?

In this economy, you need a corporate art buyer more than ever. Here’s why:

  1. You are interested but you are too busy
  2. Your background doesn’t include an education or understanding of art
  3. Morale, productivity, or communication is lagging in your company
  4. The spaces your employees occupy do not reflect the feel or brand of the company
  5. Your spaces don’t reflect the quality of your company’s products or standards
Corporate Art at NRG: Acrobat

Corporate Art can be playful like this sculpture by Ruth Hamilton

Morale and the health of its employees is a major concern for NRG Systems in Hinesburg, Vermont, and they address it in all aspects of their environment. They just recently won another of many awards for having a healthy workplace. They offer incentives for employees who bike to work and make personal choices that reduce their carbon footprint. Healthy lunches are prepared on site so that employees not only make good dietary choices, but have the opportunity to gather daily and eat together, encouraging impromptu communication among the staff. Art throughout the site is another of these conscious choices to enrich the work environment, stimulate thought, and encourage communication.

Corporate Art at NRG: Forest Entry

Corporate Art can have a calming, welcoming effect. This painting by David Smith hangs in the employee entrance at NRG.

Worldview and sensitivity to the environment are important to NRG. They design and produce high-tech instruments that collect environmental data for wind energy sites. The owner, Jan Blittersdorf, a real “left brainer,” is also passionate about art. She claims to know little about the history, trends or movements in the fine art world, and so she respects and welcomes my knowledge and guidance regarding art. I am grateful for the flow of my own work into her buildings. However, a few years ago I asked her if she could begin to consider other artists’ work as well for her spaces (you may ask what am I, nuts?).

Let me say that these buildings are special. They are cutting edge works of LEEDS certified green engineering and architecture. The visuals are clean and modern, but not without a blend of stunning natural materials that reflect a sense of our place here in Vermont.

NRG uses my familiarity with both their world and the art world, to do something they lack the time or the knowledge to accomplish…To grace their workspace with visual elements that:

  • Express their priorities and missions in different ways
  • Improve the experience of their daily work environment
  • Offer a richer environment to frequent visitors to NRG
  • Bolster employee morale and productivity by providing a work environment in which employees like to spend time
  • Provide NRG an investment in fine art for the future
  • Connect NRG with its broader community by collecting the work of many Vermont artists

Good ideas in this economy.

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