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"The combination of soaring imaginative heights and hard-nosed planning characterizes all of Terrat's work."
-Seven Days, October 1999

"Sarah-Lee turned our daughters’ rooms into beautiful magical worlds….One an undersea paradise, and one a mossy fairyland. She worked with the girls, as well as my wife and me, to conceive of ideas that encompassed their creativity and imagination in visual form. Watching her work was as satisfying as seeing the end product. I can’t say enough good things about Sarah-Lee. She is so talented and wonderful. Her characters seem to come alive and jump right off the wall! She’s one of a kind."
-Trey Anastasio, Musician

"Her obvious love of her work shines through in her design and, additionally, she has created a work representational of the Vermont Foodbank, its "feel," culture and ideology. She is very customer-oriented and delivers prompt service."
-Christine Foster, Chief Development Officer, Vermont Foodbank

"Incomparable...Sarah-Lee's five large murals in completely different styles inspire something like reverence – The Town of Warren's answer to the Sistine Chapel."
-Vermont Magazine, Fall 1998

"Sarah-Lee worked here (at Ben & Jerry's) for 11 years and was involved in an unusually wide variety of projects. I can best speak of the joy and wonderful attitude she brought to her work and to the company, and to the way she made the essence of Ben & Jerry's come alive."
-Jerry Greenfield, Co-founder, Ben & Jerry's

"The artwork clearly reflected the spirit that I am trying to convey on a daily basis at Vermont Children's Hospital. I am grateful that you were able to turn our vision into reality. Thanks for a spectacular contribution to making care to children and families so special."
-Lewis R. First, M.D., Vermont Children's Hospital

"What you have created has turned an adequate space into an extraordinary space, with imaginative creatures and fabulous colors…The added extra dimension to the space provides the perfect finishing touch. I can't help but envision the countless kids and parents, staff and volunteers who will stop to look and let your mural help heal them."
-Jennifer Arbuckle, AIA Project Architect, Vermont Children's Hospital

"We simply couldn't have made it happen without you...You helped us give special meaning to 'E Pluribus Unum'."
-Alexander L. Aldrich, Executive Director, Vermont Arts Council
regarding the design for the Vermont State Quarter

"The detail and humor of Sarah-Lee's murals spark the imaginations of all who venture here."
-Tina Lyon, The Golden Eagle Resort, Stowe

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